IoT in Manufacturing

Manufacturing environments have many opportunities to leverage IoT technology to improve their operations. Factory visibility is a key benefit for plant managers, allowing them instant access to the operational parameters of mission critical equipment. It is now possible to extract and combine data from all manufacturing equipment across locations, regardless of differences in protocols and communications standards.

However, viewing data in a dashboard or mobile applications is not the end of the story. IoT can automate decision making by applying rules-based logic to the real-time data stream. This can be used to synchronize machinery on the assembly line and adjust configuration or calibration in response to current operating conditions.

Data Analytics

Data analytics also have a place in the IoT strategy of a manufacturing operation. Predictive algorithms can identify the leading indicators to a failure, reducing the business impact of downtime. Maintenance and repairs of equipment transitions from reactive to proactive, enabling the plant to schedule the work at time that is best for the business.

Advanced analytics can also be used for optimization of machine output or to reduce defects. By establishing a data model based on desired machine performance, IoT technology can not only identify underperforming equipment, but also provide prescriptive remediation steps.

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