DataV gives utilities an extraordinary insight into grid operations that improve efficiency, safety, and load management. The knowledge gained from this insight also helps them develop new products and services, make forecasting more accurate, and implement demand response programs that will encourage deployment of more renewable power. DataV can help utilities reduce costs, respond to and correct outages more rapidly, detect power theft, manage energy demand, and detect unsafe grid conditions such as high-impedance connections, all in real time.

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Deep Operational Visibility

DataV helps utilities gain much-needed visibility into distribution networks, allowing them to pinpoint and address power outages faster and more accurately. This increases grid availability, improves the efficiency of field workers, reduces costs associated with multiple truck rolls, and at the same time increases customer satisfaction when power is restored promptly. Energy theft can be identified more quickly and accurately, stemming associated revenue losses. The ability to identify hot spots that may lead to electrical fires improves safety.

There are several ways in which IoT systems benefit power and water utilities.

Predictive Failure

Most utilities have a fragmented picture of their distribution networks, the nearly invisible last mile connecting consumers and their meters to the grid. Utilities know the physical location of each meter, but may not immediately know to which transformer, phase, or feeder it connects. As a result, restoring power after an outage can take hours or days as field staff work to manually identify the location of the failure. DataV not only extend the life cycle of equipment but identifies potential mechanical failures before they occur, to produce significant productivity gains with limited natural resources. The predictive capability of IoT informs a smarter, safer power grid that is better equipped to adapt to the constantly evolving demands and shifting environmental realities of the modern utility landscape.

Benefit: increased asset uptime, reduced service and support costs.




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