Manufacturing and other industrial environments have many opportunities to leverage Internet of Things (IoT) technology to improve their operations. Factory visibility is a key benefit for plant managers, who require instant access to the operational parameters of mission-critical equipment.

Industry analysts such as Gartner and IDC forecast that by 2020 there will be 30 billion connected devices in use by consumers and businesses. For manufacturers and industrial suppliers these smart devices enable a connected supply chain and more transparent business operation.

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IoT System Benefits

Increased Uptime

  • Unplanned downtime results in operational disruption and increase costs for manufacturing operations.
  • In an IoT-enabled environment, diagnostic processes are automated, identifying possible root causes through data validation and probability ranking before a repair technician arrives.
  • IoT systems are integrated into smart sensors for manufacturing equipment and intelligently collects and processes available data.
  • DataV can scale from large devices down to small controller boards.
  • Logic running locally on the equipment can be configured to define data collection rules, including which data to transmit and how often.

Predictive Failure

  • Through the monitoring of physical asset data, the Remote Diagnostic Service (RDS) rate can be enhanced to reduce costly maintenance deployments.
  • Correctly designed IoT systems can reduce warranty costs in a number of ways.
  • By aggregating and analyzing large data sets, operators can identify patterns and anomalies and benchmark those against historical trends to inform smarter decisions that can predict issues before it is too late.
  • Proactive measures can be initiated by virtue of insights gleaned from predictive analytics to inform progressive preventative maintenance protocols before failing equipment reaches a critical mass, therefore extending the lifecycle of equipment and minimizing unexpected costs.
  • DataV enables the ability to proactively schedule the maintenance or repair at a time that is best for the business.

Asset Utilization

  • DataV can collect machine data and establish patterns and trends that will help the operators to identify usage behavior and settings for highest output at lowest cost.
  • DataV Optimize can be used to understand how well a piece of equipment is operating and compare machine behavior across an entire population of devices.
  • The ability to aggregate data from disparate machines, normalize and interpret this data with transactional business intelligence enables better alignment of shopfloor decisions with corporate business objectives.
  • By running the data through machine learning and data analytics algorithms, an operator can determine the best calibration settings for a particular piece of equipment, which may vary based on environmental conditions.
  • Data analytics can also uncover correlations in areas such as energy consumption and product waste, which can be used to reduce overall operating costs.

The Bottom Line

DataV is designed as a modular, scalable solution that easily integrates into existing infrastructure, making it an ideal choice for mixed environments. The architecture enables the business to install only the components needed to achieve the desired business outcomes. Whether on-premise or in the cloud, DataV represents a complete IoT solution for maximizing the performance of manufacturing operations in industrial settings.




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